Have you ever heard about AC annual contract Dubai? Do you want to get unlimited priority access to emergency services by making a payment once a year?  Your AC system needs tune-ups throughout the year for better efficiency, if you want to save your time as well as money just sign a contract with our company. Our company is offering the best annual maintenance contracts which include periodical maintenance, overhauling and services of AC machines as and when required by the customer. To ensure equipment security we repair all of the AC units within our workshop premises. We provide normal servicing at every alternative month and through overhauling i.e. brought down servicing once in a year in winter season apart from attending breakdown call immediately. We pay special attention to ensure the safety of customer by checking whether all the electrical connections of your AC unit are tight or not. If there is a damaged wire or some sort of leakage in the pipeline of your AC unit our technicians will repair it immediately.
Our AC contracts Dubai include:
·      Repairing/replacement of fan motors and capacitors.
·      Re-winding of motors.
·      Gas refilling.
·      Cleaning of air filter of condenser and evaporator coil fins.
·      Cleaning of water drain line
·      Oiling, chemical washing, and greasing.
·      Replacement of relay, thermostat, drain-water & copper pipe.
·      Fixing of wires/ plugs.
·      Labor charges.

To sign In an AC annual contract with a well-reputed company like us is always a better choice than contacting a maintenance company every time you need help. By signing an AC annual contract with our company, you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits.

Benefits of signing an AC annual contract with our company

·      Get the best help
             Everyone wants to get their AC repaired by best repairman before and after summer. So, it is a very difficult task for you to find a best repairman for your AC unit. But if you have a maintenance contract with our company you don’t need to worry about the best repairman. It is the responsibility of our company to send a top-level repairman to your home.
·      No need to remind your self
             Every you need to remind yourself that your AC units need maintenance sometimes you even forgot about this. But if you have a maintenance contract you don’t need to remind yourself about the maintenance of your AC unit. Our repairman will contact you himself and schedule the maintenance.
·      Better services
             If you signed an annual contract with us it means you are taking steps to make a long-term relationship with us so, we will be inclined to provide you better services. Contracts come with discounts so the repair will cost you less.
·      Longevity
          Regular maintenance will increase the life of your AC. Regular maintenance is possible only if you have signed annual AC contract with our company.

These are all the benefits of signing an AC annual contract with our company. Make sure to sign a contract with our company. Contact us as soon as possible.