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Welome To AC Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is well known for its extreme weather conditions such as heat and humidity. It can affect your overall physical and mental health, making even the simplest of chores more difficult to tackle. Having a proper air conditioning system in place helps settle humidity and heat in your environment. In addition, it improves human efficiency for doing work. For such an ideal world to live in, it is necessary that your system be well maintained by experienced AC services. Here you have to take a wise decision to choose a trustworthy company.AC Repair Dubai promises to serve, in the best way you desire. Your satisfaction is our ultimate preference.

AC Maintenance Dubai and AC Repair Dubai has evolved over the years with its experienced, dedicated, and competent team of engineers and technicians. This is very much obvious by our services in obtaining extending Customer Satisfaction with our technical expertise. At AC Maintenance Dubai, we deliver professional air-conditioning services from initial installation to maintenance and repair services. With over 20 years experience in the air conditioning industry, AC Maintenance Dubai, and AC Repair Dubai bring skills and expertise for its customers.

Having an Air-Con system installed at your home and used on a daily basis means you will need proper guidance from your air conditioning company at some point. Whether it comes to installation, repair, or maintenance, you should choose an experienced, professional, and well-reputed AC maintenance company to be facilitated by a cost-effective and smooth running Air-condition for many years. Here is the place where AC Maintenance Dubai and AC Repair Dubai jumps in, to serve in the best possible ways. Even if you have installed a new HVAC system and does not require any repair or replacement, annual maintenance should be planned. AC Maintenance Dubai provides the best annual maintenance services that will keep your system running smoothly and avoids emergency failure of your air conditioner.

Why choose AC Repair Dubai and AC maintenance Dubai?

  • AC Repair Dubai and AC Maintenance Dubai are the most experienced and reputed company in Dubai.
  • AC Repair Dubai is ready to serve you 24/7. AC maintenance Dubai provides low cost, top quality services.
  • AC Repair Dubai has a team of well-trained engineers and technicians.
  • AC Maintenance Dubai offers you long term services in addition to regular AC maintenance.
  • AC Maintenance Dubai is a registered company in Dubai. AC Repair Dubai provides prompt services whether its emergency repair service or regular maintenance or installation of your Aircon.
  • AC Repair Dubai and AC Maintenance Dubai provide services for all residential and commercial HVAC systems. AC Maintenance Dubai is an expert in Smart AC technologies.


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    In order to cope with the burning heat and humid weather of Dubai, You will have to make sure that your Air Con is prepared to keep you cool. However, how do you know your AC needs our repair services.AC repair Dubai is ready to serve you whenever you need it.

    AC Repair Dubai promises you to reach your place in time and provide you a team of experienced workers. Once our team arrives, they will fix the problem within no time. You will have to do just one thing if you see any of the following signs in your Ac please feel free to call AC Repair Dubai.

    AC Water Leaks Problem Water leaks around your air conditioner is a warning sign that your cooling system is not running properly. Leaks can quickly demolish your house and may even lead to more damage to your system.

    A quick call to AC Repair Dubai can help sort the problem well.

    AC Hot Air Problem When you feel warm air blowing out of your Air Con yourll have to check the thermostat temperature whether its switched to cooling mode. If your AC still blows Hot air, there might be chances that your AC is having a restricted flow of air. Alternatively, the compressor could be faulty.

    At AC Repair Dubai, we provide the best guidance and solution to the faulty system.

    AC Unusual Noises Problem Low-level noises when AC starts or shut are usually considered normal. But loud or unusual noises can be a warning sign from your cooling system. This type of issue will not typically vanish on its own, so a professional tune-up is necessary.AC Repair Dubai will find the source of the unusual noises and prescribe a solution that will keep your family cool and comfortable in hot weather.

    AC Bad Odors Problem If you feel that your HVAC system is blowing air with unpleasant smells, its the time to deal with the issue before it becomes even worse. Such type of air can be a great risk for the health of your family. AC Repair Dubai can do a quick diagnostic visit and will find whether your air conditioner needs duct cleaning a tune-up or any other high tech services.


    Although installing a new air conditioning system can be a dream of comfortable and cool living but it is a complex job .An improper installation can cost you more in the end, so you shouldn't rely on anyone other than trusted personnel because it’s a matter of safety and quality of work, you probably can't afford it. You want a professional job done right the first time. AC Installation Dubai promises to give you the best installation services in Dubai. Our team will discuss and guide you about the proper placing of Air Con in your home.

    AC Installation is often a messy job. Even with a perfectly designed system, you want the installation job done accurately the first time. AC installation Dubai will explain to you all aspects of the job before they start on the work. AC Repair services Dubai ensures that all parts of your system are fit, and functioning properly according to the company of manufacture.

    AC Repair Dubai provide installation in steps that include:

  • drilling holes for new duct, coolant lines, or wiring.
  • Fitting of all metal ductwork, gas supply lines, and coolant supply lines.
  • AC Installation services Dubai ensures that the right comfort levels are achieved.
  • AC Maintenance Dubai will check that all new equipment runs according to the manufacturers' specifications.

  • Our team of AC Installation Dubai always checks twice all pipe connections, wiring, and blower settings to reduce future service costs and extend the life of your Air Con. The job is not over until AC installation services Dubai make it certain that you are completely satisfied.

    Our team of qualified engineers explain the system that you should expect during start-up, running, and shutdowns of your system. When the installation is over, a dedicated and devoted team of AC Installation Dubai will thoroughly clean the entire work area. They remove all discarded pieces of the old system, such as plastic pipe, metal ductwork, and circuit boards. Whenever you want professional installation services, do remember AC installation Dubai is a perfect choice.


    AC Maintenance Dubai provides the best maintenance services because we care about our customers and their HVAC system.AC Maintenance Dubai is proud to have a dedicated and experienced team of engineers and technicians that serve you up to maximum satisfaction level. AC Maintenance Dubai is continuing to gain the trust of its customers from a period of 20+ years. For your AC to provide utmost cooling in hot Dubai and keep working efficiently, it is necessary that it has a regular maintenance schedule. Most of the time you put your maintenance at the last of your to-do-list. But to your wonder, regular cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning can save money, increases efficiency, and extends the life of your Air Con. Always feel free to call AC Maintenance Dubai, when your system needs tuning.

    Key features of AC Maintenance in Dubai

    Air conditioners are hardly used throughout the year. They are mostly operated in summers. Your AC collects a lot of dust and debris during operation, which affects its working efficiency and cooling. For this, AC filters, AC coils, and AC fins should be cleaned regularly.

    Cleaning of AC Filters Dirty and clogged filters block normal airflow and reduce the cooling capacity of Air Con. If normal airflow is blocked, the filter may carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil. This can damage the coil’s heat-absorbing capacity. However, if you choose any local HVAC technicians to replace the clogged filter it will affect the working of your unit.AC Maintenance Dubai offers professional cleaning of filters that lasts longer and keeps airflow running smoothly.

    Cleaning of AC Fins The aluminum fins might undergo bent which can block airflow through the coil. AC Maintenance Dubai uses a “ comb” tool to fix the fins back into nearly original shape and geometry.

    Cleaning of AC drain channels The drain channels should be cleaned regularly.AC Maintenance Dubai services drain channels by using stiff wire. If the drain channels are clogged, your AC will produce humid air that can increase moisture content in your home.


    Although AC Repair Dubai is well experienced and top reputed in maintenance, repair, or installation of any kind of HVAC system and serves the best services for all types of AC’s, We are also excelling in maintenance repair and installation of Central Air conditioning units. Central AC is a large system and has many benefits. It is the one you don’t have to think a lot when the indoor temperature is set on the thermostat and its cooling performance goes well. It can run smoothly and efficiently when needed. But when it’s time to perform routine maintenance, make repairs or replace your valuable central Air condition, AC Repair Dubai is your best companion. AC Repair Dubai feels the need of making it understandable for its customers how Central AC works.

    Parts of a Central AC System

    To get a better sense of how your air is chilled, you should know a little bit about the components that make up the air conditioning system. A typical central air conditioning system has two parts, an indoor unit, and an outdoor unit.

  • The outdoor equipment contains the condenser coil, compressor, electrical components, and a fan.
  • A series of pipes, connecting the inside and outside unit
  • The evaporator coil is installed on top of the gas furnace.
  • A thermostat for the setting of the desired temperature.
  • Ducts act as air tunnels to the spaces inside your house.
  • Refrigerant, a substance in the refrigeration lines that moves through the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Advantages

    Central AC Repair Dubai guides its customers about the pros and cons of all types of Air conditioning systems. So that they become well aware of what suits them best.

  • Central air conditioning keeps your home environment cool, reduces humidity levels, and provides ultimate comfort in hot weather.
  • The central air conditioning system provides pure airflow in your home as it draws air out of many spaces in the house through the air duct. The air is pulled through an air filter, which removes dust particles from the air. Advanced filters also remove tiny pollutants in addition. Thus, it assures that the cold air in your home is pollution-free.
  • Central AC works quietly and smoothly as the compressor-bearing unit is located outside your house, hence operating noiselessly.
  • Whether it comes to maintenance, repair, or installation of central AC, please feel free to trust Central AC Repair Dubai.


    AC Repair Dubai excels in Split AC repair via services provided by our team of efficient, devoted, and well-equipped engineers and technicians. There is nothing we do not know about your split AC, so you can trust us blindly.AC Repair Dubai is a leading company in providing excellent services to its valuable customers all over Dubai.

    We at AC Repair Dubai provide Split AC installation in a well-managed way. Before starting work, our team first investigates the work area and guides you regarding the best location for installation. A wrong chosen location can spoil the interior design of your room. AC Repair Dubai always ensures that the air-conditioning unit is allocated at the right place and is promoting the aesthetic appeal of your room and house.

    Moreover, if the Split AC unit is not installed properly, it can create problems in the future. AC Repair Dubai makes sure that the Split AC installation;is done in the most convenient way.Simply give us a call and get your Split AC unit installed using the best practices. We also offer the same services for commercial and industrial HVAC.

    When the Split AC fails and it is unbearably hot outside, you might wait even for an hour to get your system fixed quickly.AC Repair Dubai provides you the prompt services in the daring time of need. We provide the top quality services at reasonable prices. There are many reasons why your split AC needs repairing or some sort of tuning;

    • There can be a problem when your split AC is not turning ON. Power supply failure could be a possible reason.
    • Sometimes your AC fan is not working properly. Possibly circuit breakers might have tripped or some ice could be built up in internal coils.
    • Split AC needs special attention when it is blowing warm air.
    • The thermostat allows you to set the temperature of your desire, if it's broken you will not be able to adjust the temperature.
    • Mold can grow inside your split AC unit and make it blow unhealthy and smelly air. This could cause serious health risks and allergies.

    AC Repair Dubai knows all possible solutions to your problems.so you can trust us to deal with your Split AC unit.


    AC Repair Dubai is continuing to gain the trust of its customers in AC Ductworks. We AC Ducting Dubai are the most experienced and trustworthy if you are thinking for your AC Ductwork to be installed and checked with right hands.AC Ducts, if not installed properly can cause serious damages and leaks. So always, choose AC Repair Dubai in order to remain away from emergency failure or leaking of AC ducts

    A duct is the channel that carries cooled air from the AC unit through your house and can discard warm or stale air. Ducts are as important in the air conditioning system as the arteries in the human body. At AC Repair Dubai, Ducts for central air conditioning are also used for heating and filtering systems.

    Ducts are of two types. They can be rigid duct or flexible duct.AC Repair Dubai offers services for all kinds of ducts. AC Repair Dubai is well aware of which type of duct is best for your home or office. More often than not, sheet metal is far better than fiberglass lined ducts and fiberboards ducts. Sheet metal is the safest and most efficient material for making ducts.

    If you are suffering from allergies or experiencing humid air in your home, your AC duct might have leakage. The leaks in your ductwork not only waste cold and conditioned air, but they also allow outside air, dust, and debris to move into your house through the indoor unit.

    There are some of the signs of leaky air ducts. If you notice any of the following signs immediately call for AC Repair Dubai who will arrive with a written solution to your problem.

    • High energy bills
    • Rooms are not getting hot or cool properly
    • Collapsed, or damaged ducts
    • Dirty air


    A stitch in time saves nine. Every appliance needs proper maintenance but when it comes to Air conditioning, we often put it in the last of priority worklist. Regular maintenance keeps your money safe and the system to work efficiently.AC Annual Contracts Dubai makes it easy for you to follow a proper maintenance schedule of your Air Conditioning unit. Once you sign a contract with AC Annual Contract Dubai, just sit and relax that you have handed over your unit in the right hands.AC Annual contract will be responsible for making the timely maintenance schedule of your HVAC System.

    Why is an annual AC contract necessary?

    1. Savings

    Your AC system, when working properly, isnt a high-cost expenditure; however, its the repairs that can make your system costly.

    1. Efficiency

    When you neglect your AC maintenance this slows the unit down so it has to work much harder to achieve targeted temperature. This means higher energy bills for you. Just by regularly changing your AC filters, you can reduce the costly bills.

    1. Authenticity

    Hot summer is not the right time when your AC system breaks down.Signing up for AC Annual Contract Dubai gives the guarantee that your unit will work efficiently when you need it the most.AC maintenance Dubai is offering the best annual maintenance contracts which include periodical maintenance, overhauling, and services of AC machines as and when required by the customer.

    1. Fewer Repairs

    Annual maintenance saves your system from emergency failure and a no of unusual repairs. If your HVAC system is checked, maintained, and tuned up periodically then there are fewer things to worry about your AC.

    1. Air Quality

    Ensuring cleaner airflow in your home is one of the big reasons to sign up for Annual contract Dubai. This will keep you and your family safe from dangerous allergens in the air, which are the root cause of asthma and other allergy flare-ups.

    When you consider HVAC experts like AC maintenance Dubai your AC will be monitored regularly and scheduled appointments protect your system from sudden breakdowns.


    Your chiller has knocked down - it has stopped working, is not chilling to the desired temperatures, your home is getting hot, your family is feeling uncomfortable - you are facing a lot of stress. You need to call Chiller Repair Dubai in order to release the pressure. There isnt any need to replace it,

    We can fix your chiller!

    We at AC Repair Dubai are excelling in operating the most valuable part of the HVAC system Chillers

    AC Repair Dubai understands the importance of chillers and their expense too, so we care about your system chillers and we recommend you to have regular maintenance of chillers to avoid any emergency breakdown.

    We are the most experienced in Chillers work and have well equipped and professional staff.

    • We offer high quality and low-cost chiller services
    • We are available 24/7 to help you.
    • We always provide in time services surely, when you need it the most.

    AC Repair Dubai provides the following CHILLER services.

    • Chiller Maintenance and Repair
    • Cleaning of chiller tubes
    • Oil inspection
    • Inspection of condenser water loops
    • Refrigerant inspection
    • Vibration inspection
    • Refrigerant Retrofits

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