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Best & Most Affordable AC Repair in Dubai 

Here at Al Hadi AC Repair, we are well aware of the importance of having a fully working and perfect ac unit in Dubai, we know in Dubai the temperature can raise up to 40 degrees Celsius and above during the hot days of summer. We know how many problems you can face if your ac unit broke down in the middle of the night in summer and you have to encounter the heatwave, that's why We provide fully specialised and emergency AC repair service in Dubai for residential and commercial spaces. our aim is to ensure the air conditioning units of our valuable clients should work optimally all year round the clock. 
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Al Hadi Ac Repair Dubai

At AL Hadi AC Repair we will do 14-point ac service in dubai which includes:

  • fan and evaporator assessment. we will check and make sure that your fan is working fine and the fan is clean. we will clean the evaporator coil and repair it if needed. these fan and evaporator cleanliness is a must for the ac unit health.
  • Assessment of cooling efficiency of the ac unit our expert technician will perform a complete colling assessment one your ac unit with a modern temperature gun, which shows the accurate result.
  • Thermostat check. we have the latest equipment that will help us and make sure your thermostats are working properly. our technician provides services of thermostat check, ac thermostat repair and replaces service on spot.
  • checking and disinfecting of ac components. we will check your ac unit completely for all the operation and hardware functions. our expert ac technician will handle each part expertly. our test will ensure that your ac unit is working properly on the optimum level. we also clean your hardware ac filter for the safe and clean airflow.
  • feedback to the customer, we value the feedback of our customer, we never finish our work unit our customer is 100% satisfied with us. our ac repair team also educates the customer to take care of your ac unit in the future and how to carry out routine maintenance of you ac in Dubai.
  • air-flow balanced assessment. our technician will check the airflow of the ac unit with equipment and judge with their experience that you will get the best airflow, which is distributed in all your room evenly for the best and comfortable experience in summer days.